Tim Rybicki

Software Developer

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About Me

I enjoy finding fast and simple ways of doing things.

Currently I work as a front-end developer primarily using React.js and TypeScript.

I have a strong drive to constantly build my knowledge by creating personal projects and writing blog posts.

My other passions are playing music, running, and building computers.

Latest Projects

Issue Collab (React.js)

Search tool for GitHub Issues inspired by Hacktoberfest. Find open source projects by using toggle switches to filter by labels and languages.

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Terminal Zoom (TypeScript)

VSCode extension to control the terminal's font-size. Adds control via status bar items, commands, and a quick pick menu.

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Slack Location Manager (Node.js)

Globally-installable npm tool which updates your status on Slack with your location. Creates a cron job which will run the command automatically.

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Sick Picks (React.js, Puppeteer)

Browse a collection of Sick Picks, which are suggestions from the hosts of the web development podcast Syntax FM.

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timr.dev Blog

Blog where I write tech articles, including topics such as command-line and developer workflow tips.