Best underrated developer Chrome extensions

October 22, 2018 - 3 min read

You might have heard of extensions like JSON Formatter, WhatFont, and ColorZilla. Let's look at some other ones that might be able to save you time.


Octotree adds a sidebar to GitHub allowing you to browse a repository with a familiar IDE-like tree view.


Octotree screenshot
Explore and find what you need on GitHub with sidebar navigation.

30 Seconds of Knowledge

Adds interview questions and development tips to your New Tab page in Chrome. You can customize which languages to show, including: CSS, JavaScript, React, Phyton, and PHP.


Octotree screenshot
A new tab page in Chrome with 30 Seconds of Knowledge enabled

imgur Uploader

Get a unique hosted link to any photo in seconds. Right-click an image, select "Re-host image", and a new tab will open an imgur page with your photo. You can then use the link on your website (just beware of copyright).


imgur Uploader screenshot
Get a hosted imgur URL with just two clicks.

Top Tip: use "Get Share Links" on your imgur photo to find the direct link.

imgur direct link demonstration

Session Buddy

Session Buddy allows you to save open tabs if you need to restart your machine or if you need to come back to them later. It also automatically saves your recent sessions and will re-open multiple windows just as you had them.


Session Buddy screenshot
Save your Chrome tabs for later.

Right Click Opens Link New Tab Correct Order

Installing this extension will change your right-click into a one-click button for opening new tabs. Instead or right-clicking + selecting "Open Link in New Tab", now right-clicking a link will open the link in a new tab in the background with just one-click. This is super helpful for Googling and quickly opening multiple Stack Overflow results.


Right Click Opens Link screenshot
Open new links in new tabs with one click.

(Bonus) Reddit Enhancement Suite

RES has been around since 2010 providing a better Reddit experience out of the box. Features like infinite scroll, night-mode, account switching, and countless UI improvements make this essential for everyone using Reddit.


Reddit Enhancement Suite screenshot
The best way to view Reddit.


If you have any favorite extensions, let me know and I can add to the list!

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